Value Added Manufacturing Capabilities

airbag module assem
Airbag Module Assembly
pillar trim assem
Pillar Trim Assembly
ultrasonic welding
Ultrasonic Welding

Neaton adds value through streamlined assembly processes. Screws, clips, tape, foam seals and other components can be cost effective additions to our products. In many cases, automation is utilized to control manufacturing costs and product quality.

Application of solvent and water based paints using automated paint lines. Our exclusive robotic paint booth affords utmost precision and is monitored constantly to assure compliance with EPA regulations.

Trimming fabrics and films on complex shapes can be accomplished by using robotic controlled lasers. This process enhances the trimming accuracy while reducing production time.

This technique welds two structural members together using the heat of friction generated by vibrating the members in the horizontal direction. It requires no anchors and is suited to the welding of components that are large or have special shapes.